Tips for An Easy and Comfortable Day of Airline Travel

These days airline travel can be hit or miss when it comes to the level of difficulty and distress that can be presented. Sometimes, I get myself all worked up for what I think is going to be a day of having to take things out of my bag, and stand in lines, and eventually sit for a few hours before I do it again. Sometimes, I am right and that is exactly how it turns out. Other times I am so excited to be going on whatever trip I am embarking on that I do not even care about the potential roadblocks that may be arise. The best times are when I am completely surprised and caught off guard by what feels like a seamless and comfortable day of travel. However, this is usually the result of careful planning on my part to help my day go a little smoother. If you are interested in learning a few tips and tricks to help your next travel experience go a little better than the last, then keep reading for some helpful tips.

It is All About the Shoes

The Worst Day to Buy a Plane TicketIf you have ever struggled to get a lace up boot off and on again during the security check at an airline, then you know the importance of great travel shoe. It is no fun to feel like you are holding up other people, and even worse potentially missing your flight, due to poor shoe choice. My issue however, is that my feet often get cold on the airplane. I quickly realized that this problem could be forgotten in order to wear a better shoe as long as a pack a pair of warm and comfy socks in my carryon. The best types of shoes are slip on and have the ability to be easily removed without much hassle. Velcro, elastic, and flip flops are your friends here. I would highly recommend getting a great pair of shoes from The Walking Company. The one thing that does sometimes prevent me from wearing a great shoe is the fact that I need to wear my largest and/or heaviest shoe so that I can save room in my luggage. There are not many ways to get around this one unless you can tie or strap them to your carryon.

Pack Your Own Snacks

I am a pretty picky eater but mostly because I am not a fan of super processed foods. I guess personally, I am a fan, however my stomach is not. This means that if I do not bring at least a few of my own snacks or meals that I may end of hungry because I refuse to eat something that will make me feel even worse. As you can imagine, this does not make for a very pleasant travel day. Save yourself the head ache and the fast food belly ache by packing a few of your own snacks. Nuts, raisons, granola bars are all great options. A bag of chips, a pre-made sandwich, or some fruit are some of my other favorite travel snacks.